Victoria Pie Co

Back in the day, before big agro and international delivery, pie was the package our food came in. Now, with our eye towards climate concerns and food security, pie is once again leading the way to a better way to eat. So we’re committed to sustainability by making use of slightly squished fresh berries and mildly bruised apples. And making friends with local farms and orchards. Whole, fresh homemade pie. The return of the comfort food you can take new comfort in.


Make Friends with Pie

Pie is a celebration of all that is fresh, local, seasonal, and inspiring. Every day our pastry chefs work with local farmers to bring you the very best and ripest the day has to offer.

We promise to use local ingredients that are sustainable and have positive environmental impacts.
We promise to commit to increasing food security in beautiful Victoria, BC.
We promise you'll be able to pronounce every single ingredient in our pies.
We promise you will feel good about what you eat.


Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm
(No Delivery Available)

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