Bumble + Hive is a facility that is comprised of a drop-in play centre for youngsters and their caregivers. We also host classes and birthdays!


"no fuss" for parents and loads of fun for little bumbles!

Bumble & Hive is a cozy, creative and purposefully designed play space located in the downtown core of Victoria, BC A dynamic hive buzzing with activity, we are a place where kids are free to bumble about and families can come together to connect, share and make memories.

Bumble & Hive was created out of a desire to join the sometimes very different worlds of the adult and young child by offering a comfortable space where all can feel safe and free to come together and create meaningful interactions. Many studies done recently have proven that PLAY greatly contributes to the cognitive, physical and emotional well-being of children. Our hours are geared to suit the needs of different nap times and schedules and our equipment was designed and built for children in the range of 0-pre K.
Our structures and different centres within the play space promote imaginative play and the cozy atmosphere allows little ones to not only engage with their parents but also break away and join in the bustling hive of activity!

HOURS + Contact

Monday - Saturday 11am - 6:00pm

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