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We caught up with Maryanne Carmack, Co-Owner/Director of Operations for Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop, to get some insight into what inspired her and her partner to open Roast and to gain some knowledge of what Roast is all about!

What made you decide to open Roast?

Roast is a collaboration between two partners that are passionate about the food business and hospitality on Vancouver Island. We wanted to create a healthy concept that would appeal to the masses not the classes. 

Roast offers its own access point for delicious interpretations of simple street fare. We’ve been working to build a sustainable and resilient company that will be here for generations to come. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, the right way, every time, but we’re passionate about taking good care of our guests.

At Roast, our mission is to craft exceptional, sustainably produced food. We love welcoming passionate people to our growing team, and we’re champions for the reprofessionalization of culinary jobs.

Tell us a bit about Roast, and how long you’ve been in business…

We started on our mission in 2013 with the opening of the Victoria Public Market at the Hudson.

Roast is a lot of things: a sandwich shop, a meat shop, a place to pick up a last minute meal or a healthy salad. What unites everything we do is our singular commitment to provide you with delicious, natural, and humane meat and food you can feel good about buying and eating. All of Roast’s packaging, from knifes and forks to containers, is 100% compostable. 

Not in the mood for a sandwich? We also have bowls, meatballs, and make your own superfood salad station! We also offer many dinner items such as delicious rotisserie chickens. Perfectly seasoned, these birds are on the rotisserie every hour so a fresh one is ready the moment you walk in. The only thing more irresistible are the potatoes and vegetables crisping as they roast beneath. All of our roasted meats are available for purchase by the pound. Having a dinner party? No problem, we can roast up a full porchetta, roast beef, chickens, meatballs all available for pickup. 

We’ll do all the work. Book a party with Roast – make our place yours. The Roast menu is available in many delicious styles. Pick up or delivery for the perfect informal or formal dinner. Full service events at Victoria Public Market and Community Kitchen; cocktail parties, family style diners, buffets or kitchen workshops. We have the capacity to serve “10 to 600″ guests with our catering team. We are available for private hire 7 days a week. Corporate or Personal, we’re ready for your event.

What’s your favorite item on the menu?

My favorite go-to meal at Roast is a rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes and a side kale caesar. It’s a perfect meal for me and my young family – quick, easy and delicious. Call ahead for yours to make sure we have it set aside for you. 

What do your customers crave?

Best selling items are our superfood salads and porchetta!

Superfood salads: we offer delicious options for vegetarians and vegan, the toppings and combinations are endless. 

Porchetta:  Seasoned vigorously with fennel pollen, rolled up, and roasted in our combi oven. We hold our pork warm and serve the sandwiches and bowls with a little bit of everything: the crispy skin, fatty belly and aromatics.

What’s next for Roast? Anything exciting coming up?

We are expanding to Southern California. Stay tuned!

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