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We chatted with Teresa Tarnow, Owner/operator of Bumble + Hive Play Centre, about her brand new business that has recently opened up in Victoria Public Market!

Tell us what your business is all about…

We are a Play Centre and Self Serve cafe for parents and children aged 0-6 years.  Our play space is a no-shoe zone and consists of 800 square feet of rubber-tiled area, complete with cushioned parent seating, wooden play structures, slides, a play farm-market with wooden food items, sensory toys, a foam pit and a favourite among visitors both big and small is our trailer playhouse!  Our self-serve cafe is stocked with small snacks and beverages for purchase, including freshly brewed coffee and tea.  We also have toy bins filled with books, games and activities for children as well as 2 chalkboards.  We have a comfortable couch, perfect for nursing your child or relaxing with a book or magazine.  With the price of a child’s admission fee, you are welcome to 2.5 hours of play.  We have special rates for siblings as well as for multiples!   *We are not a daycare or child-minding facility so you may not leave your child/children unattended.  Parents or care-givers are required to stay in the facility with their child/children.  We have been in business for a whole…15 days!!!  

What Made You Decide to Open Your Business…

This business is a labour of love for my family and I.  First of all, when my husband Dan and I moved into the Hudson a few years back there were little, to no, families living in the building. Now that we have our two year old daughter, we have noticed that there are many more young families living in the Hudson district, and on a larger scale, more in Victoria choosing to make the downtown condo life work for their families.   We love the community we have found, and become a part of, and the practicality of living downtown and specifically above the Victoria Public Market!  We realized however, there was a real need in the community for a welcoming, fun and creative place for parents of young children to come together, network and connect, while children are free to play, explore, learn and have fun.   Quite simply, my daughter will not sit still for a minute in a cafe or restaurant anymore so trying to meet and chat with friends in public places tends to be filled with a lot of broken sentences and unanswered questions, and not to mention it doesn’t seem too fun for my daughter to have us constantly herding her.  Here, there are so many activities to keep kids amused, parents have the opportunity to get a few more words in.  I have a background as a youth worker, gymnastics coach, manager of a childcare centre and a huge passion for interior design, while my husband is a builder.  We combined all of our experience, interests and talent and there you have it- Bumble & Hive was created!

What’s the Best “Bang for Your Buck”…

Our 10-visit punchcards simply because of the value.  They are 20% off and as an added bonus, if you purchase before June 26th, kids get a free play on the day of purchase!  

What are Some Interesting Facts about Bumble + Hive that Most People Don’t Know…

  • Although we do not allow food from home or outside to be eaten in our facility, we do WELCOME ALL Public Market Food as well as food from anywhere in the Hudson District. 
  • Dan build most of the kids play structuctures, including the trailer.
  • Parents and caregivers get their first coffee or tea on the hive!
  • It takes me 20 seconds to get to work from my apartment door to the centre!  I timed it
  • Our Grand Opening Celebration is coming up on Sunday, June 26th from 11-4pm.  We will have acrobats, live music, crafts and fun for the whole family!

Tell us About a Day in the Life of Teresa…

My typical day is me scrambling to make my daughter’s lunch for daycare and every morning I ask myself “Why didn’t you make it the night before, Teresa? Why?!!”  Then I shower and run downstairs to the centre by about 8am to make coffee and sanitize the floor/ toys that I didn’t get a chance to sanitize the day before.  My day is filled with meeting awesome parents/caregivers and incredibly cute kiddies and a whole lot of marketing/ promoting/ emails/ ordering products to help the business run efficiently and grow.  When I finish cleaning in the evening I run upstairs to have dinner with my handsome and supportive husband and daughter and we will play with her or take a walk around town until her bath and bedtime.  Because my schedule is crazy right now I have not been attending the gym (I have a membership with goodlife and am obsessed with the Bodypump class) but I hope to return soon as that and running are my greatest stress relievers…and anybody who has started a business would understand that stress relievers are worth their weight in gold!

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