Red Hen Gourmet Cooperative


Introducing Ren Hen Gourmet: three gals with great ideas and amazing kitchen skills consolidated their efforts to make life a little easier and way tastier! Jenny Marie’s Bakery, Whimsical Preserves and Singing Bowl Granola, individually and collectively, produce delicious treats for your discerning palate. Tanya of Whimsical Preserves can turn anything into an awesome spread. From straight forward Raspberry Jam to Habanero Hellfire, Tanya’s preserving talents know no bounds. Jenny of Jenny Marie’s Bakery bakes a wide variety of sweet and savoury crackers to amuse every taste bud. Jessica spent days, weeks and months experimenting with granola recipes resulting in unique and extremely delicious varieties that keep the customers coming back for more! Check out their fantastic offerings at this weeks Wednesday Farmers’ Market at the Hudson from 11-3.

Vendors in attendance: Salt Spring Island Cheese, Salt Spring Island Sprouts & Mushrooms, Boughneath Farm, 2GF Kitchen, Vin Coco, Sun Trio Farm, Olive the Senses, Saanich Organics, Hungry Rooster, Haliburton Farm, Ren Hen Gourmet Co-operative, Local Motive, Doughboys Donuts, Cottlestone Apiary, Lockwood Farms, Merridale Cider, Il Forno di Claudio, Infuse Herbals & El Guapo Chorizo Grill.


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