Pairing West Coast Flavours with the World of Spices


Join us on Tuesday November 19th from 11AM – 3PM for this FREE demo, learn & taste! Chef Andrew Shepherd of Island Spice Trade and friends are pairing the best spices from around the world with local and seasonal produce, meats and seafoods.

Seasoning and spicing is the first thing a young cook needs to learn, and it’s the hardest thing to teach. There’s no miracle recipe to follow. Is the fish fillet sliced thin or is it thick and meaty? Are we planning to finish the dish with fleur de sel? Does the steak get a pepper rub before or after cooking? Great chefs are maniacs about seasoning. While there’s no single rule one can follow, you can gauge a confident and precise chef from the way he or she seasons. A perfectly seasoned piece of meat will literally resonate with flavour.

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